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The day a businessman could rely on one source of advertisement for his company which was usually a yellow page book is long gone. Most newspaper advertisement is effective as a hit and miss, you normally get 2 to 6% return for your money on newspapers, flyers and other medias of the same. The fact that printed yellow pages are becoming obsolete in most areas is a hard fact.

The cost to advertize in printed yellow pages hasn't come down much if anything. And now with so many places to advertise and people search many places to find services and businesses. It makes it hard to choose where do I spend my advertisement budget. Where will I get the best results for my money. Newspapers, Google, yahoo, Bing, Angie's List, Yellow Page Books, Online Yellow Pages the list goes on.

Every advertisement company wants you to believe that they are the only source of advertisement you need, but that's a lie. Most of these advertisement companies are looking at business people as suckers, that's right suckers. They see business people as suckers with capital, they don't need to worry if you stay in business or not they don't care about you long term because if you fail there are another five suckers right behind you with fresh capital with the same dream and hopes that drove you to start a business.

They never have to worry about the other side of this equation because there will always be the consumer demand. Consumers will always need plumbers, garage door repair, doctors, tree trimmers, painters and so on.

So how do you fight back. How do you survive in business today. Well its not easy with a recovering economy, competition, undocumented workers taking some of your business.
You need to have a short and long term plain. You need to watch how you spend your money in your personal life and in your business.

You need to expose your business in as many places as possible. FREE LISTINGS ON THE WEB , YOUR OWN WEB SITE. When paying for your advertisement you need to be in as many places as you can for the least amount of money. That means that if your spending $300.00 per month with online yellow pages or print yellow pages and it's only bring you in $600.00 per month that's not a good return for your money. Your working hard to keep the yellow pages companies in business. They should be bending over to help you in everyway possible to help you grow your business. You need to send them a strong message. That message is if you don't reduce your rates long term for me without a contract I'm going elsewhere. And where can you go, is with us.

We charge only $5.00 per month $60.00 per year you spend more then that on coffee each year. And how do we all become successful without them, we partner up. You advertise with us tell your friends to advertise with us. Because the more people that advertise with us the more people that view our online yellow pages the more popular we become the more money you save and earn at the same time. IT'S A WIN, WIN, DEAL.

If the other large advertisement companies want to stay in business you are forcing them to reduce here HIGH PRICES or go out over business. Just keep in mind if you have been in business for any length of time. When the economy is good or bad they're making the same amount of money from you. The yellow pages companies aren't coming back to you and saying we want to help you in these bad times so we're dropping our rates 20%, 35% or 50%. NO! They aren't doing anything to help you why, because they don't care remember you are a sucker that is replaceable for a new sucker with fresh capital. I THINK THAT STINKS AND I THINK THEY STINK.

They're so many things that's wrong about the way advertisers look to take your money and give nothing back. We all have been fighting the economy and trying to maintain our business, stay in business to raise and feed my family and pay our bills. You are a hard working business person that believes in yourself your family see's you that way. Your friends, people who care about you see you that way. An I as a owner of several business see you that way.

Before I started myyellowpagesplus.com and had to deal with the ongoing advertisement companies I didn't like being looked upon as a sucker or someone who could be easily replaced. I wanted to be valued as a business person taking bride in a business I built that provides a quality service to others.

You haven't always had these choices because there wasn't someone like me giving them to you. But now you do, you have the choice to say I want to reduce my cost to advertise and I no longer want to support the companies that where gouging me because I had no where else to go.


3 Places I Recommend You To Advertise

Google ad words Pick the time and days and how much you want to send each day

My Yellow Pages Plus . Com The lowest cost online yellow page advertisement with a great detail page all for $60.00 per year plus you get the same premium listing in yellowbookplus.com, internetyellowpagesplus.com, yourcommunityphonebook.com, onlineyellowpagesplus.com all for free as one big package when you buy on www.myyellowpagesplus.com.

Yahoo there free listings you can upgrade to for $10.00 per month fill t up with key words and you can sometimes show up with you yahoo listing on the front page of google.

And of course you need to have a web site. Please update your web site at least 4 times a year with letters, with key words, prices or season sales or all of the above.

You can also use myyellowpagesplus.com detail page as your web site and you can make as many changes per year as you like for free.

Make sure your business cards have your web site on it. Or your listed url from myyellowpagesplus.com

Always advertise with your web site. So even when your closed, someone shopping at 11PM could view what your business has to offer.

Try to developed a list of your customers emails address so you can send out monthly sale offers.

There are many other sites to place free listings on that may get you some additional business.

Good Luck and thank you for your support in business.
Joseph Lucey


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Office 310-745-4900
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